Advanced techniques

Traditionally, XBeach is used as a standalone executable that is ran on a single XBeach model schematization, possibly distributed over multiple processes through MPI. Nowadays, XBeach can also be used as a BMI-compatible library. A library can be part of a larger framework where XBeach interacts with other components during runtime. For example:

  • A graphical user interface (e.g. Morphan).

  • An interactive modeling tool that allow users to change the model while running (e.g. Sandbox).

  • A coupled model where XBeach runs simultaneously and interactively with other models (e.g. aeolian sediment transport model, ecological model or XBeach itself!).

The XBeach library (DLL) for Windows is shipped with the daily builds from the Deltares build server. A unix library is compiled alongside the XBeach executable.